Aaron & Juliana’s Wedding

The Broken BarnYesterday I had the high honor of photographing Aaron & Juliana Custalow’s wedding day. I can honestly say this was the hardest wedding I’ve done yet, but it was one of the most glorious weddings as the Lord was there strong in presence and I found myself even weeping as I was shooting the bride coming down the aisle. We started the gentlemen’s portraits an hour after we had planned and thus in one hour we had to work in the guys portraits, the minister/father of the groom praying over the bridal party, the minister praying over the groom’s party and the girls portraits in one hour. Things were rushed quite intensely and I found myself running around the building snapping shots from 12:25pm until the bride and groom left in my car immediately after the ceremony to our planned out locations for the photo shoot. I remember while the ceremony was still proceeding, I felt my heart beat and never had I felt a heart beat so quickly in my life, I was very tempted to take a minute and count, but I had not even a minute to spare as I was on my feet for six hours straight with no break. The bride, Juliana walked down the aisle in procession towards her bridegroom, Aaron while I was snapping pictures and as the music picks up I take a few brief moments in between shots to look around and see the atmosphere of the room, most everyone was crying. Aaron’s father who is the minister, was crying, Aaron was crying, many others were crying and I was crying. This wedding is more than a job, but these are the two souls who lead my section at the Fredericksburg Prayer Furnace, who fight alongside me day and night for the release of glory in the Fredericksburg region, who press onward that Christ may receive the reward of His sufferings. These two who have paid such a high price and fought through so much darkness to be together, in Christ, in love have made it to the day of their full joining together and not only them, but countless people and angels and even the Lord Himself has fought for this day and here it is happening before my eyes, her proceeding towards her groom, her last steps as an unmarried women, for now she is forever joined with Aaron Custalow, one with him as Christ is one with the church.

The Barren FieldAfter the ceremony ended we rushed to my car and Scott Anderson, my apprentice in training drove us away to our two different locations for the half an hour photoshoot, an old baron farm and broken down barn where only the foundation remained and to the downtown of Ashland Virginia, where we took photographs on the train tracks that ran down the center of the town street. We then rush back to the church and I photograph the whole of the wedding party and families and then on the way to the reception hall we sneak away, just the bride & groom and myself to a snowy field on a side road and with the grass poking its way out of the snow and the moon shining in its fullness, we take photographs that display a deep meaning. “Though there is snow and it is cold, despite this barrenness true love remains. Life is found sprouting from beneath the snow.”

We make our way to the reception hall and pulled up just on time as we had originally planned, how we worked in three photoshoot locations and the families of the bride and groom and the wedding party in the scheduled time is amazing. My busy work day ends around nine thirty in the pm as I sit in the parking lot resting, praying and crying before the Lord. Then I make a phone call as I’m leaving to talk to my best friend, Rebekah Shea. 🙂

The Train Tracks