The Summer Adventures. May 30th – June 5th.

Good day to you,

I simply want to put to expression the joys and depths of this summer. Of course in all normality, for myself, there are many photographs. If I could spend my summer in the manner I wished, it would consist of many hours in the scriptures, in rest and in adventure. From that place I would have a much deeper expression for you, so that is my goal, to give a beautiful, deep expression to the photographic adventures of this summer. In all actuality, I love photography but I love just being in God and letting Him lead, and I would love to share deep understandings I’ve laid hold of through life & photos, so as the summer proceeds, I will take the time every now and then to post photos and share of the movements with in my heart. No worries, I’ll keep you posted on facebook with a link to this post.

Corolla Banks

    May, 30th – June, 5th
  • My first posting is of a very special summer vacation time to the outer banks of North Carolina with my family and very best friend.

The village of Corolla NC from atop of the lighthouse.

The beautiful Whalehead Clubhouse on its own island. This has been a very special place for me in the past.

The journey back down the stairs of the lighthouse 🙂

She took the photograph of me and than I took one of her. How it all works together so well. This is the girl that has been my closest friend and my first assistant in wedding photography.

Just after the lighthouse we went back the house with my family and prepared to go on one last adventure together, to just ride our bikes together. Her being from the south, this meant it was time to dress up.

But of course, her being friends with me means that her hair is certainly going to come down. 🙂

A simple portrait.

Sitting on the edge of the marina while taking photos.

Something about her feat dangling over the water just called for a few photos to be taken. I think they turned out very well.

My lovely friend, taking her photos of the beautiful sunset. When it comes to these kinds of adventures, I love just photographing the person I'm with, and she has been a faithful friend, her expressions have always been honest and that has kept her as my favorite subject over the last two years. She certainly has grown up bit and I like who she's becoming. 🙂

A deep joy of mine, bicycles. Old bicycles. Also, my good friend is with me, another deep joy of mine.

Where The Wild Things Are + all the old favorites of mine are wrapped up in this photo. Like the Sandlot.

On our little adventure through the village, a beautiful shop was found and I snapped this photo just as we were about to order our lunch.

After our lunch was finished, I snapped these photos of her necklace. There is a very deep story behind the meaning of that word. It stretches deep into our own identities before God and our mission in the future, whether together or apart.

The portrait of the photographer. I do enjoy these, when she takes them. 🙂

That’s it for now. This is meant to be a less professional feel and a more personal look into what happens between the weddings and behind the front of what I portray in the open. I love my heart and I love to express it. I do hope you’ve enjoyed it and have gotten to know me a little bit more through my eye. As always, I am nothing without my Lord & King. I own Him my every heart’s movement, and this is all for Him.

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