David & Grinnel

A wonderful and beautifully unique couple contacted us a couple months back, and I didn’t know if this was going to turn into a signed wedding or not, but I gave it my best in emails and phone calls, and then we set up a meeting to discuss my services and what I can offer. They took the contract and signed it a few weeks later. July 2nd, their wedding took place and it was even more beautiful then we had anticipated. The personality of these two individuals is something that both my assistant and I fell in love with from the beginning, and they flourished throughout the day as we photographed the joining of their souls & lives together.

This wedding was really the most high profile wedding we’ve done yet, and I think we’ve gotten the most complements out of any guest group from this wedding. As we started shooting just after we got there, I had talked a little bit with the DJ/Announcer & the catering coordinator and soon realized that they were no joke. David & Grinnel hired legitimate pro wedding DJ’s and Caterers, not family friends, not a family owned business that tries their hand in weddings, no, they hired a staff of 20+ years in the professional wedding biz, with some of the most high tech equipment I’ve ever seen in any wedding. This blew me away when my assistant brought this up, that in the midst of such high profile wedding venders, we were found doing our thing. The mother of the bride actually pulled my assistant aside, like a few others already did, to tell her how much of an amazing job we’re doing. She told her that David & Grinnel looked through so many photographers and when they saw our pictures they knew they wanted to contact us, then when they met us in person, they knew they didn’t want anyone else to shoot their wedding. What a high honor this evening has been. Anyway, without any further wait, may I now present to you the few favorites of the day. Enjoy.

The opening prayer to begin the ceremony of this wedding.

The covenantal ring being placed on Grinnal's finger by her groom, David..

Enjoy, the first kiss!

The precession down the isle as a married couple.

The formal bridal portrait.The bridal party in formal array.The Groomsmen, Groom and the Best Man enjoying being photographed in fashion.

Grooms party in their personality portrait.

Alternate personality photograph of the grooms party.

The Groom & his Best Man, with their "best toys".

The bridal party caught in transition from the reception hall the the ceremony garden.

The Bride & The Groom, having fun on their personality shoot.

The James Bond or The Jesse James pose, whichever it may be, it may be very well.

The official personality pose of the two individuals who are now united as one.

The enjoyable kiss in the middle of a personality photo-session, this is why we never put our cameras down 😉

The reception in the Carriage House at Gramercy Mansion in Baltimore Maryland.

Bride & Groom, enjoying their refreshing dinner.

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed looking at these photos half as much as I enjoyed taking them. This wedding was probably in my top three weddings I’ve personally been to and it was a grand honor to photograph it. More photos will be finished as the weeks go on and I will be sure to post them all. Have a great day.

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