Exciting Little Pig Roast

This weekend was a very exciting one. On the way up to a pig roast at a clients home, where they’re having their reception in October, we stopped off along the way in Northern VA to book a wedding and then we made another stop to purchase more photo editing software in Bowie Maryland.
After we had arrived to the pig roast in Gaithersburg Maryland we were given a tour of the barn & house, where we will be photographing their reception in the fall. We heard a few people, one being a local police officer, shooting guns for target practice, down the valley.

Well, just near forty minutes after we arrived we were getting some food to eat, we looked over and there where about six armed police officers standing around us, asking questions. They had received a call about loud gun fire, and because of the nature of the times, they assumed the worst, that we might possibly be terrorist or rednecks. (Well, my assistant and I are both from the south and have connections with the rednecks 😐 ) The police climbed the fences and came through the woods, on their assent up to the property where we were, and nearly twelve officers in total ended up on the property, in search for the guns to ensure they were put up. They came with k9 units and semi-automatic rifles, handguns and taser guns.

In all, they were very kind and very calm once they figured out that one of the guys shooting is a police officer.

They let us off the hook and made some jokes, it was all good entertainment! All in all, it was very exciting and a great adventure. We were able to walk around and take photos of the barn. That is what this blog post is about anyway, the photos. Enjoy!