The Summer Adventures. July, 16th.

Client Meetings & A Photoshoot

July, 16th

  • This next little highlight is about a very fun day where I booked meetings all day around the Washington DC area. I looked at this as an adventure, so of course, I called my best friend up and asked if she would join me.

This photograph was taken on the property of a client of mine. I will be shooting the reception to their wedding on this property on October 1st. Bekah is picking up the art of photography very nicely. Credits for this photograph goes to her.

One of the common themes of us hanging out is that we bring our cameras and just go shoot for a little bit. Of course, me being a portrait & wedding photographer, I love the human element, thus I usally end up just capturing some good pictures of my friend. This happens to be my favorite from the day. Bekah is shooting the horse equipment on the farm portion of this property.

After a long day of meetings from one side of the beltway to the other, we enjoyed our time at this clients home, eating from their cook out and touring the property. You can see the tiredness in Bekah's face in the photo to the right and you can see her eagerness to capture the "perfect" image of the day in the photo to the left.

Bekah is looking for the sweet spot to photograph from as she explores the property.

Both of these photographs were taken in the horse barn on the clients property in Maryland.

The last photograph of the day is another one of my favorites. The reasons I love this photo so much is because of its dramatic lighting mixed with great composure. The angles of the door and walk way out of the barn leading up to my best friend exploring an art I love, with the way the light falls off the photo just speaks beauty to me.

That’s it for now. This is meant to be a less professional feel and a more personal look into what happens between the weddings and behind the front of what I portray in the open. I love my heart and I love to express it. I do hope you’ve enjoyed it and have gotten to know me a little bit more through my eye. As always, I am nothing without my Lord & King. I own Him my every heart’s movement, and this is all for Him.

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