The Summer Adventures. July, 31st.

Country Side of Pennsylvania & Gravity Hill

July, 31st

  • On the thirty-first of July I invited my best friend to accompany me as I drove to the mountains of Pennsylvania for my yearly family reunions, to just get to know and love on the older folk on my dad’s side. I was going to make the 4 hour drive alone, but my friend was willing to accompany me, so we made an adventure out of it. We added a few hours to the drive schedule to make beautiful detours to explore the country side, and I am very glad that we did, it’s where these photographs are from.

On our way out of town we stopped on the Rappahannockriver in Amissville Virginia to explore and take photographs.

This little flower is growing underneath the bridge in the earlier photo.

The underside of the bridge in the first photograph. I so enjoy texture photography.

This photograph was taken on the back country roads in Pennsylvania on our search for Gravity Hill.

On our way back to the interstate, we decided to go another back way, not that we've ever been on these roads before, but that we have a good sense of adventure, direction and an iPhone!

This land and all of its roads are unlike anything I have seen elsewhere in person. I was blown away!

On our way out of the valley, we came to the top of the hillside and turned left. Soon afterwards we found ourselves driving along the topside of a large hill, in the middle of an orchard. That is where this picture was taken.

This final photo of the day is a favorite of mine. At the crossroads on-top of a hill in the countryside of Pennsylvania was an orchard, and and the corner of this orchard were these wood boxes stacked. We had not even stopped for these boxes, but as we made our right hand turn I snapped the photograph, and it now sits as my desktop background.