The Summer Adventure. August, 6th.

Houston, Weep & Pray.

August, 6th

  • It was deeply impressed on my heart to attend a massive prayer rally in Houston Texas. It was provided for me to fly out there and just go at it. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the journey.

I flew out of Washington and this is a photograph of one of the airplanes waiting to board. I so enjoy to travel.

When landing over Atlanta Georgia I was able to snap a few real quick pictures of the underlaying city, and how these have become some of my favorite from the whole trip.

My friend, Benjamin Adiknson being interviewed about his opinions on this prayer event. Over 40,000 people gathered to this stadium to fast and pray and ask God to turn us back to Him. It was very profound.

Leaders in the Christian church of this nation gathered as well as a couple U.S. Governors, who openly prayed on the stage for God to turn us back to Him, this also struck my heart as being profound.

We've seen tens of thousands of Muslims gather in stadiums asking for Allah to bring his wrath against this nation and to call for Jews & Christians blood to be spilled, even that was profound, but this is what 44,000+ Christians asking God for mercy to turn us back to Him in His kindness looks like, even more profound.

Overall, this trip was quite an experience which fueled my own heart with passion for Jesus and a tenderness for God’s people, as well as those who do not know Him. To be completely personal, I’m becoming more and more unarmed by the nature of Jesus and His character. He had personally enjoyed spending His time with the weak, broken and dirty people of the earth. He rather spent His times at the parties of prostitutes getting to know and speak into the lives of the broken then to sit with the religious or governmental leaders of His day, this moves my heart. I’m beginning to want to spent my time with the broken as well. I only desire to acquire more inward wealth to share with them, like purity, peace, wisdom and the presence of the Spirit of God, that hope may be with them whenever I am. Of course, we’re all broken and bankrupt before God, and we all feel it, yet there are those whose lives are ruined and they know it, they live in diseases and they live with sexually loose lives, in sin, and surround themselves with chaos, these are those that I am speaking of.

That’s it for now. This is meant to be a less professional feel and a more personal look into what happens between the weddings and behind the front of what I portray in the open. I love my heart and I love to express it. I do hope you’ve enjoyed it and have gotten to know me a little bit more through my eye. As always, I am nothing without my Lord & King. I own Him my every heart’s movement, and this is all for Him.

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