The Summer Adventures. August, 30th.


Chatham August

August, 30th

  • This really is just a normal day, not to exciting, but the photographs turned out great. They’re worth sharing, in my opinion. My friend, Bo, recently joined the media department at the Fredericksburg Prayer Furnace, which is where I work during the week. I need to teach her a bit more about photography, so we decided to go on a little photo safari. We headed towards downtown Fredericksburg and ended up at Chatham Manner,

I'm still understanding the art of taking a beautiful scene and capturing it through the lens, without reducing it's grandeur. This is an attempt to capture it..

If you look in the photograph just above this one, you will see a stone wall behind the tree, that is what the subject in this photo is.

I love door knobs, really old ones, and I love greenhouses even more. That is why this photo means so much to me, because it's a really old door knob on the back door to a beautiful greenhouse, a really old greenhouse 😉

The inside of the green house I just spoke of and the other side of the door in the previous photograph.

A new favorite of mine! I just love the depth of this photograph. The colours are outstanding and the depth of field is phenomenal.

The windows of the greenhouse on the property of Chatham Manner, which predates the Civil War in Fredericksburg Virginia.

My friend, Bo, inside the back door at Chatham. After finding this spot, I knew I wanted a person to be standing in the door way and it took me like 5 tries at asking Bo to just be in the picture. haha.

The final image of the day. It's a great one in my opinion, not the best, but great nonetheless.

Overall, this day was great. I was able to just go on a random safari to photograph the beauties around me with the excuse of teaching somebody else the art, I may even print some of these for my personal collection.

That’s it for now. This is meant to be a less professional feel and a more personal look into what happens between the weddings and behind the front of what I portray in the open. I love my heart and I love to express it. I do hope you’ve enjoyed it and have gotten to know me a little bit more through my eye. As always, I am nothing without my Lord & King. I own Him my every heart’s movement, and this is all for Him.

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