David & Melissa Stuebing

On September 24th a great thing happened.  My friend, from southern Maryland had referred me to her best friend back in her home town in Maryland, thus the bride to be had decided to ask me to photograph her wedding and them being photographers themselves, they asked if I would allow them to do the editing and if that would bring the overall price down, and it did. Though I agreed to allow them to do their own editing, that did not keep me back from preforming my magic on a select favorite from the day. This blog post is to showcase my favorite images from that day and I thoroughly hope you enjoy them!

David & Melissa got married at her father’s home in southern Maryland which happened to be an old historic home from the revolutionary war. This home had one of the last standing alters to Jesus in America that’s from that era. It used to be a hospital and even played a key role in being apart of the underground railroad.

As soon as I met this family I knew I was going to enjoy serving them, they are a very genuine, unique and loving family and it really touched my heart to just have the honoring of knowing them and spending some time in their home. I actually stayed several hours past the end of the wedding to talk to and get to know this family more, I didn’t even leave their home until past 12:00am which left me at getting back to my home somewhere around 2:00am. I originally planned on being back in Fredericksburg, where I live, by 9:00pm that night.

The father of the bride standing at the door way, asking when they can expect the bride to make her entrance and procession. He is also the minister, the one who married the bride to her groom. The young man standing at the top of the stairs is the bride's brother.

Top -The mother of the bride putting on her veil. Bottom - The bride and mother looking down towards the ceremony in anticipation, while observing the guest' arrival.

The groom as he looks upon his bride!

Top - The bride & groom holding hands as they listen to her father charge them for marriage. Bottom - This man standing on the porch sang a beautiful song that moved me as I was running around shooting.

I LOVE this picture. 100% natural and you can tell it! 😀