Andrew & Kim Lee’s Wedding Day

Photographing this wedding was a pleasure because it hit a bit more on a personal note than most weddings. As I was growing up I remember traveling hours to watch my older sister play her basket ball games and I was so excited when her team would win, and the young lady in the white dress in these photographs was on my sisters team and somewhat a friend of the family. Later on in life I started going to a church’s youth group and got to know Kim a little bit more along the years, then came Andrew Lee. He became well acquainted with us and even more acquainted with Kim. They started dating after a little bit and you could tell that they were headed somewhere good.

When I got the request to photograph their wedding, I was overjoyed and as their wedding day played on I realized how well they fit together and how good their pictures were turning out.
Their photographs are below and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them!

This beautiful wedding was hosted at the Dayspring Mennonite Church in Midland Virginia.