Brittany & Jason’s Engagement Session

At some point in this past summer season I drove hours through the country side of Virginia going from meeting to meeting with clients at their wedding locations and to end the day I traveled two hours north to a going away party for my closest in age sister, who was moving to Tampa Florida to be apart of a church plant. The location of this going away party was beautiful home in a very nice neighborhood belonging to people that I have never known before this evening of which I am writing. Many members of my family were there and even some very beloved and close friends, yet I found myself mostly speaking with a gentleman who is also a passionate wedding photographer, like myself, and this gentleman happened to have every single lens and piece of photography equipment that I have a 2 year budget plan on how to acquire. This gentleman happens to have a niece that is getting married and this niece of his happens to be my sisters best friend, in fact, my sister helped in playing a major role in their engagement process a few weeks earlier. This beautiful young lady that is one of my sisters best friends is named Brittany and her beloved fiancé’s name is Jason.

Well, Jason & Brittany later asked me to photograph their wedding along with her uncle (the one with all the gear I am saving up for) and with that she had asked me if I would do her engagement photographs, well, I did that very thing and that is exactly what this blog post is all about. Brittany & Jason are a wonderful couple that have such sweet spirits about them and their creativity and romanic souls as well as their deep love for one another is seen in most all of these photographs. I trust you will enjoy looking through the adventure that we had in the process of making these photographic memories of their engagement, passion and love for one another.

We started this day out at another one of her uncle’s farms in Rixeyville Virginia, which is just minutes down a beautiful country road from where my mother lives, where I grew up. It was amazing, Brittany must have had six or seven family members there at the farm, helping us along by driving trucks, hanging lanterns and starting fire pits all for the sake of making these photographs as magical as possible. Theses photographs happen to be some of my favorite that I have ever taken and the reason they’ve turned out so beautiful is because of the family Brittany has and their efforts to making these photos beautiful. (Prints from this photographic session can be purchased on my print lab at on the other end of this link.)

Without any long wait, I give to you, Jason & Brittany’s Engagement photographs! please enjoy.

I had loads of fun with these truck photographs. As we were getting ready to got to the gate at the front of this property, a moment of inspiration hit me and I asked Brittany's uncle if we could place them in a separate truck from me and if I could ride in the bed of the other truck to capture romantic photos of them. He then asked me if it would help if he through a hay bale in into the mix, I told him that would be very romantic. So here you have them in a romantic hayride and me straddling the top of the cab of the truck that's in hot pursuit of this very good looking couple. It was a very fun experience that yielded gorgeous photographs!

In this top photograph I had told them that I just wanted to catch the genuine friendship between the two. No romantic kissing, but just the two of them spending a moment being who they most naturally are, best friends. In my mind, friendship is the backbone of the strongest relationships.

I am also a huge fan of the romantic photographs that displays the passion of love. These photographs are meant to be very intimate and pure with the sincerity of genuine love and romance of the heart.

One of her family members kept shouting, "Brittany, have your leg propped up against the fence!" We listened and got a very good picture.

The lower photograph is a highlight to me because we get to see the wonder Brittany has in her heart toward Jason. This was unposed and it happened as were were walking up the road. I wasn't expected to be taking photographs in this moment, which is precisely why I was and it's why this photograph looks so dang good.

The humor of the photograph on the left is a mockery of the famous painting, "American Gothic".

They're in love. You can just tell it.

The story behind the gate pictures is to tell of the journey that Jason & Brittany ventured on, that they themselves in many moments had to unlock each other’s hearts in order to be where they are now, on the verge of marriage.

Brittany wanted this photo of Jason holding her and spinning her in a field so badly, and the idea with the balloons was all her as well. I liked the balloon idea so much that there are three different photographs with slight variations in each that I just couldn't choose from, so I posted all three!

In this variation, Brittany's engagement ring is a strong point, and I love that!

Top Photograph: This variation showcases their faces and the proximity of their hearts to each-other.

As with everything I do, I strive to give my whole heart and so when our time of what we agreed upon for photos had come to an end and the sun had long since set, Brittany asked me if we could do just a few more photographs because she has just one more outfit change left, I did not refuse her. With more last burst of inspiration, we lined her lovely Volts Wagon behind her and Jason, placed one of the trucks behind her VW, turned the headlights on and wrestled with my flash, trying to get it to fire and produce what I was looking for... These last three photographs are a result of all I just mentioned.

In the end there are a lot of extraordinary photographs that showcase the relationship of this beautiful couple and to me, it’s a little overwhelming, but I hope it wasn’t overwhelming for you. I hope you got to know me a little bit more and had a chance to know my style and my heart in this business of story telling. If you’re a future bride or groom, I hope these photographs helped to play a role in allowing us to work together.

If you’ve taken a fancy to these photographs and you’re a close friend or family member that would like to order a few prints for yourself, you can order prints of this photographic session directly from my print lab, just follow this link!.