Doug Hertle | Promotional Photography

One of the highlights of my day is when I notice an email sitting in my inbox on the account that is specifically for clients to contact me from, and when I notice that the email is from one of my websites from a potential client that is requesting to book my services, well, that just makes the day all the more joyous!

Well, last month I was contacted by a local comedian who was looking for some promotional photos he could use in future material. He mentioned that he wanted to have the photos done in two different locations, one in downtown Fredericksburg and the other at Mary Washington University, where this gentleman attended college. We decided to meet up at the local Hyperion Expresso coffee shop, which is located in downtown Fredericksburg, to discuss the vision Doug has for the photographs. We talked about his act and what kind of photos we could get that would best describe his work. After having a short meeting over coffee, we got to work on taking the photos.

Botom photo - We found ourselves a small corner in the shop and just snapped a "thinking" photograph. Top photo - Doug really likes muffins.

Actually, Doug has a bit on muffins in his act. These photos were taken at the amphitheater at Mary Washington.

What can be said?

Doug Hertle, the comedian!

Bottom photograph happens to be my favorite from the whole shoot.

Photo Left - Doug stands in an epic amphitheater, with nobody to listen...

Photo Left - Doug is a really nice guy. You should totally invite him to your church, let him around your children, invite him to dinner afterwards. Photo Right - the samson.

No one is listening...

The promo.

Top Photo - The Communist. Bottom Photo - Doug along, again, in Market Square.

Subject | Doug Hertle

Location | Fredericksburg Virginia

Trait | Clean, Family Comedy

Contact |

You can invite Doug to your church, random gathering, party or any event you think a good laugh is a must. Thanks for taking a lot at these photos. I hope you enjoyed!