Marc Welling – Photographic Fun & Adventure

A few weeks back I was talking with a friend and he mentioned to me that he just bought a new nightstick for his enjoyment. My friend, Marc Welling, began to talk about the idea of hiring me to do a photo session with him, not for a promotional purpose, not for any other reason then pure enjoyment. What joy! Marc mentioned that one of his favorite shows is an inspiration to what he wants to see on this shoot. He mentioned the television series, Stargate SG-1.

Now this is a TV-show that I grew up on and I myself love the series. As soon as he knew my love for the show, we rejoiced together and started our plans for this shoot. Enjoy the photos below!

If you know anything about the show, you'll remember the SG1 unit traveling to different worlds, some times they were worlds that were little and minute in population and technology, and some times they were advanced and had beautiful structure. This photograph was taken with the sun rise approaching behind Marc as he advances down the stairway access of this mansion.

In this photograph, it looks almost as if the gun is three demential, in that it is coming out of the photo towards the viewer.

Marc learned the art of being one with nature. If you know the land and the land knows you, the advantage is yours!

Something that really helped Marc get into character was the fact that I not only was familiar with the show, but that it was a past love for me. This help came into play when I started narrating a story of what was happening around Marc. We used our imagination and I used many sound effects. It was such a blast!

The Epic.

This happens to be one of the favored images from the day. The way Marc is came out of the pines and the texture of the image is just outstanding!

Just outstanding!

Marc had the idea of running and taking cover behind this pile of fire wood and I had the idea of Marc advancing down the forest's hill side.

What can be said about these photographs. They are beyond words in their awesomeness.

The inner boy coming alive in this forest adventure of photographic proportions.

The Goa'uld were just beyond the fray; Marc took cover behind this pile of wood as he planned his conquering tactics...

Marc is making a break for the shelter at the top of this incline. There is a mansion...

The waters...

Favored of mine!

Advancement up the stairway!

Fierce tactics/kitty cat.

I am a major fan of soft light, and the photo to the bottom is beautiful simply due to the soft light!

We have our last photograph of Marc finally making it to his mission, finding a friend in bed, to wake up for church! Best way to wake friends for church is to use air-soft guns and knifes! 😀

The gun Marc used in these photographs was not a real gun, nor was it loaded. Gun safety is a top priority and using real guns for anything is no small matter and cannot be taken lightly. This gun is an air-soft gun with no ammunition. 🙂