Photographic Adventure @ Shockoe Bottom

Lately I’ve been longing to get to know other professional artists and learn from them. Well, on Sunday (July 17th) I got my wish. My good friend, SarahBeth has been on me for a creative photo session for a while and I have been wanting to get together with Stephanie Toll, an amazing Richmond Photographer, for some time for the purpose of sharing tips and growing in the art. I finally set a date to shoot with Stephanie and thought it would be the perfect time to invite SarahBeth to be our model.

After long boarding over to the Starbucks, near my Fredericksburg town home, SarahBeth (from Culpeper) showed up and ordered a drink. We then headed to Richmond to meet Stephanie, with not the slightest idea of how the day was going to go, other than just taking photos downtown. We ordered a pizza at Bottoms Up in Shockoe Bottom and shortly after Stephanie Toll showed up to join the photographic adventure!

If you would like to look more into Stephanie Toll‘s photographs from this session you can fallow the following link over to her blog post about the day! Check it out!

Also, visit her wedding business’ webpage at Stephanie teams up with James Lee to bring amazing photography to the table of couples, families, models and brides. (pretty much anything else)

We walked into the flood area of Shockoe Bottom (behind the river wall), ate our amazing pizza and began our session under the train tracks and road ways…

Be prepared to be blown away!

At the moment I unpacked my cameras and began to test my light, this train began to pass us from overhead, blaring it’s horn. Of course I look up with my camera, just hoping the exposure would be right, and behold… the train conductor was waving and just trying to say hello! 😀

SarahBeth is one of the most laid back, stylish and creative people I know. Sarah works in Culpeper as a hair stylist, seeing she graduated from Paul Mitchell, and has a very sharp sense for fashion.

I’ve been studying other photographers and one of my all time favorite photographers (deidre lynn) shoots in a way that captures the landscape along with the model in the image. A theme you’ll see in this session is me trying to play the background and capturing the essence of the location with the shoot.

In my opinion, this is one of the best photos of the day! It’s actually not a photo, it’s somewhere around 18 photographs that are stitched together into one wide masterpiece. It’s stunning.

Stephanie Toll & SaraBeth getting creative with their techniques.

Low apertures and long focal lengths produce some of the greatest images, in my book! SaraBeth wasn’t even aware that I was taking a photograph! Unposed 🙂

One of my secret weapons is my agility and love for climbing things. Stephanie had the brilliant idea to encourage SarahBeth to pose on this truss and after Stephanie had her way, I had the idea to just climb up higher and see what exciting shots we could get from higher up. It turned out to be simply amazing. 🙂

Like I wrote earlier, my most inspirational photographer always incorporates the beauty of the landscape into the image and poses the subject in such a way that she is an extension of that landscape and not an intruder. These photos are my favorite simply for that reason! 😀

The top photo is a stunning panorama of the landscape w/SarahBeth. Just amazing. The lower photograph is none other than Stephanie Toll doing one of the things that she does best. Whenever I’m shooting with other photographers I try my best to get a few good shots of them doing what they do best, so they can use them for their own promotional purposes. Feel free to take and use this photo Stephanie, it’s yours!

Oh. So. Sweet. Sarah really made this shot happen. I’ve never really worked with a better model.

Beautiful 🙂

The Shockoe Bottom. It’s a subculture.

I don’t even know how to caption this one; haha! 🙂

Very cool, yeah?

You know, being a photographer is like being a treasure hunter. One must dance with the angles and climb whatever he must to just find that perfect angle that not only will flatter the subject but will capture the essence of the landscape she apart of; simply yields stunning results.

Like I was saying with the last photograph; simply stunning results.

Nothing really sets a subject apart like a perfectly bokah ground.

The three artists from my lens/perspective

The colors of the photograph on the right are so very beautiful to me.

Beyond beautiful. The character that came through this photograph is stunning to me. I love it 🙂

SarahBeth spotted this tree, and I love trees, yet it took a good bit of time for her to convoy her vision for this photo. After a little while of playing around with this tree and the soft lighting, I think we finally came away with something worthwhile. What do you think?

We end our very fruitful session with this last photograph of SaraBeth under the tree. However, for us the night had only begun. We ended up editing and sharing techniques with each other into the night. Truly, this was a profitable adventure.