Barry & Kimberly | Engagement


On a Thursday in the month of August I had the privilege of pulling together a team of photographers in advance for a very special wedding that will be taking place on September 15th of 2012. This team of photographers is comprised of three highly skilled people and we headed down to Newport News, Virginia to begin a photographic engagement session with Barry & Kimberly, as well as to discuss wedding plans for Sep. 15th.

Barry & Kimberly are phenomenal people who love both God and people with all their hearts and they do it in such a real way that inspires everyone I’ve seen around them. My team and I agree that our time with these two amazing people didn’t feel like “work” at all, but rather a spiritual retreat, a time of refreshing and refocusing. Barry & Kimberly’s love for one another is explosive and it shows in their photo. I don’t think there is one photo that we took that does not showcase the sweetness of their hearts, see for yourself.