Eric & Heather – Wedding Day

Eric & Heather were such an amazing couple to work with. I know I say that about every one of my clients, and I mean it every time. We took more photos at their wedding than we have at any other wedding in the past and that was for a reason, there was life to their family. You could easily see that they all loved each other so much and that is what makes a phenomenal photograph. Well, we have one hundred and fifty three photos in this blog and every one tells such a sweet story about Eric & Heather.

They had their wedding ceremony in Dulles Virginia at a local church and then after their lovely ceremony, they had their reception at Morven Park in Leesburg Virginia. Preforming their wedding photography at the Morven Park historic property was a true pleasure and we would love to have the honor of photographing another wedding at this beautiful venue in the future.