Hope & Union Photo Co.

Photography isn’t just another business or job, it’s a creative expression that is meant to tell a story with deeper language than just words. This blog is simply an expression of the work that I do.

-timyantz photography

I am a professional photographer who is local to Fredericksburg Virginia and I do photography all over the country, even internationally when those clients come. I work for myself and make the rules. If you need amazing photography services at an honest price, allow me to custom create a package based on your needs and what you’re able to pay.

This blog really is just an expression of my creative soul, if you would like a more structured presentation of my business, please feel free to visit my wedding website at,


if you are interested in portraits, like senior portraits, model portraits or family portraits you can visit my portrait website at,


I also do event photography and I’d love to try my hand in shooting band promotional material. If you have a creative photography need that doesn’t fit the standard “wedding” or “portrait” molds I offer in my websites, feel free to just contact me via either website or email provided and I will reply to you.

-Timothy Yantz