Artistic Reality

Photography isn’t just a means to make people’s memories alive nor to just make some extra cash, for me, my most enjoyable output into photography is the creative medium of Fine Art. The enjoyable reality of exploring a foreign city, country-side or mountain range for just the simple reason of noticing it and then archiving it with imagery is one of the most enjoyable things I do. On this page I’ve made space enough to share with you some of the beauties I’ve seen in my adventures. I really hope you enjoy it!

A wrought iron gate in the back allies of Charleston S.C.

A wonderful sunset in Fredericksburg Virginia, just after a summer shower

A photograph taken on the shores of the outerbanks of N.C.

A large brush fire in Rixeyville Virginia

The Thyme Cafe in Culpeper Virginia, it's a wonderful little place to eat.

A group of bubbles on a wooden deck in Yorktown Virginia.

A water puddle with acorns & leaves at Lake Anna in Virginia

A water puddle with many leafs dwelling in it.

A little river in the Shenandoah Mountain Range, Virginia.

A bottom half of a fallen tree in the Shenandoah Mountain Range of Virginia.

A bundle of multicolored trees in the Shenandoah Mountain Range of Virginia.

A beautiful cluster of blossom flowers in the country of Virginia, right off the Potomac River.

A portrait of a beautiful cluster of blossom flowers in the country of Virginia, right off the Potomac River.

A view of the Potomac River in the park of Aquia Landing, Virginia

An alone tree on the other end of a pond in the woods of Rixeyville Virginia.

A cluster of trees in Rixeyville Virginia. The same location as the photo before.

A photograph of lightning striking the ground just outside a neighborhood in Spotsylvania Virginia.

A different angle of the storm moving away, in Spotsylvania Virginia. Same storm as the photograph above this one.

This was taken in the same field as in the lightning photos just above, however this was taken the winter before, just a few months apart. Spotsylvania Virginia.

A snow storm, the same as the previous photograph, in Spotsylvania Virginia.

These roses were in bloom, just in the middle of the Christmas season, covered in snow. This photograph was taken at the Short Pump Mall, just outside of Richmond Virginia.

A photograph of many Christmas lights in a Christmas parade in the streets of downtown Fredericksburg Virginia.

The ceiling of a shop in downtown Charlottesville Virginia.

A little white church on a hill, possibly in Leeland Virginia, just outside of Fredericksburg.

All photographs on this page are are © copyright 2011 by Timyantz Photography and cannot be lawfully copied in any way without written permission from Timyantz Photography. If you’d like to purchase a print, I’d love to sell you one. If you’d like to use it in another form, I may just give you permission if you just ask 😉