Jonathan & Krysland McWilliams

On September the 9th of 2011 I was given the honor of photographing a wedding of a very old friend of my family. Jonny McWilliams joined his life to Krysland (now) McWilliams. This… Continue reading

The Summer Adventures. August, 30th.

blockquote> Chatham August August, 30th This really is just a normal day, not to exciting, but the photographs turned out great. They’re worth sharing, in my opinion. My friend, Bo, recently joined the… Continue reading

The Summer Adventure. August, 6th.

Houston, Weep & Pray. August, 6th It was deeply impressed on my heart to attend a massive prayer rally in Houston Texas. It was provided for me to fly out there and just… Continue reading

The Summer Adventures. July, 31st.

Country Side of Pennsylvania & Gravity Hill July, 31st On the thirty-first of July I invited my best friend to accompany me as I drove to the mountains of Pennsylvania for my yearly… Continue reading

The Summer Adventures. July, 16th.

Client Meetings & A Photoshoot July, 16th This next little highlight is about a very fun day where I booked meetings all day around the Washington DC area. I looked at this as… Continue reading