Photography Rates $$

My photography starts with the camera, and then spends the majority of it’s time in the editing phase, tweaking the color and the lighting, in order to make the subject in the photograph look at least half as good as they did in real life. And that’s just what you’re getting in all of my packages, photography + wholehearted editing. It’s simple. It’s what my prices are based on, the time of wholehearted work placed into the final product.

$500 – $2000

$75 – $200

$125 – $300

& special rates for multiple day events.

* for a detailed view of my packages, click the link next the subject names and visit the tailored website.

** I am also very open the the idea of bartering. If you have a great service, skill or product you’d be willing to trade on that could either cover the whole cost of the wedding or part of it, we might just be able strike a deal!

(All bartering and services provided are subject to Timyantz Photography approval and agreement.)