The big 40.

Hey yo, hey yo! 

Welcome to The BIG 40. It’s really very simple; I need to draw people onto my blog to generate traffic and get the word flowing about my sweet photography business, and as usual, I like to keep things fresh. Here it is, my attempt to bring in more followers in a very generous way. The fresh part about this is that a random somebody out of the first 40 people to comment on this page will receive a very special gift. Actually, how about this; you give me a wild photo-shoot idea that you think will create the craziest photographs within the body of your comment on this page… and you get a gift.

Think of it as a fishbowl drawing. If you’re the one I pull out of the bowl, than I will add you to the schedule and you’ll get a FREE 30min photo-shoot session by me, wherever you’d like, as long as it’s reasonable AND a free 11×17 print of my Fine Art Collection.

Winner receives,

  • 30min Session
  • 11×17 print of Fine Art
Your photos from the session will be professionally edited just as my normal clients photos are. Please, don’t be selfish, pass the word around to your friends and let them in on this boat. Remember, I can only pull the name out of the “fishbowl” when 40 people comment on this page, and hopefully leave some sweet ideas.

I plan on doing this promo for months, if not years.  ;]


-Timothy Yantz